December 2016

In order to facilitate communications & reduce the number of times we contact you, your Negotiating Committee & Base Representatives have begun a monthly newsletter to keep you informed of events occurring throughout our system and provide you with help and information about how we can help you. If any important issues arise, we will still contact you as necessary, but communications directly from your NC & Base Reps will be featured here.

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The importance of filing ASAP reports
from your TWU Local 577 Negotiating Committee & Base Reps

Many people are unfamiliar with how Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) is run and how it effectively plays a role in shaping the procedures and safety at Allegiant. As members of the ASAP committee, we would like to take you through the process of what happens when a Flight Attendant files an ASAP report.

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Maintaining Professionalism on the Job
from a Base Representative

As a Base Representative and shop steward of TWU, I am able to sit in on many meetings to help fairly represent our Flight Attendant work group. I believe all of our Flight Attendants need fair representation, and that is not always a “given” in a disciplinary meeting.

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Negotiations Update – 12/01/2016
from your Negotiating Committee.

We continue to be in communication with the National Mediation Board to schedule our return to the Negotiating Table. Unfortunately, due to governmental and budgetary procedures, our Mediator is unable to schedule a meeting until a spending bill is approved by Congress.

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