February 2017 Newsletter

In order to facilitate communications & reduce the number of times we contact you, your Negotiating Committee & Base Representatives have begun a monthly newsletter to keep you informed of events occurring throughout our system and provide you with help and information about how we can help you. If any important issues arise, we will still contact you as necessary, but communications directly from your NC & Base Reps will be featured here.

If there are any topics you would like to see covered, please email us at local577@twu.org.

My Team Speaks for Me
TWU Local 577 Negotiating Team

As we continue to progress through our negotiations, we are pleased to announce that the Federal Mediator has scheduled us for two additional negotiating sessions. Our next meeting at the table with Allegiant Management will be on March 14th-16th in the Kansas City area. We have an additional session scheduled for April 11th-13th. We are looking forward to receiving a response from Management regarding the comprehensive proposal we presented at our last meeting…

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TWU Local 577 New Hire Report
David Rodriguez

Last month, we welcomed two new classes to the TWU family. On January 10th, we introduced TWU Local 577 to class number 17-01 and on January 31st, we spoke to class 17-02. The addition of these classes adds 65 new members to our ranks. During the class visit, we went over the basics of who TWU is, what the Union does for its membership, and why the TWU is the Union for Allegiant Flight Attendants…

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TWU Local 577 LAS Meeting Report
Christa Gifford

As we move forward into the new year, our Base Representatives and Negotiating Team (NT) are even more excited to get involved with the members. After finishing a comprehensive survey, we heard loud and clear that our Flight Attendants wanted more one on one time with their NT Members and Base Reps to ask questions, get involved, and voice their concerns. We’ve decided to roll out base meetings over the next couple months, and we plan to visit all of our bases. Scheduled meetings are listed below. We will be announcing more dates shortly, so please stay tuned…

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Allegiant Gives Back – Wings for Autism
Raychel Armstrong

Allegiant has partnered with some amazing organizations in our communities. It’s great to work for a Company that wants to better the community and help people in need. In 2015, Allegiant partnered with an organization called Wings for Autism. Wings for Autism is an airport “rehearsal” designed for individuals with autism spectrum disorders, their families, and aviation professionals…

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