Voting has closed on the Tentative Agreement (TA) that was negotiated between TWU Local 577 and Allegiant Air management. After all of the votes were tallied, the TA failed to ratify. The full results are:

  • No:  600 (76%)
  • Yes: 185 (24%)

While the “Yes” voters may initially be disappointed with the results, the numbers surrounding the election participation present an optimistic future for our workgroup. Prior to the vote starting, registrations began pouring in. In our last election, we had sixty-six percent (66%) of our workgroup registered to vote. In this election, your direct outreach increased our registration numbers to over eighty-seven percent (87%) of our workgroup.

The final numbers deliver a clear message. The decision in this election was made by nearly ninety percent (90%) of registered voters. And the result was separated by over fifty (50) percentage points. To say this outcome is “decisive” is an understatement. We spoke with one voice, and this will support our stance when we return to management to schedule our next round of negotiations.

Now that the vast majority of our flight attendants have voted to reject this agreement, we are committed to standing strong to ensure that Allegiant Air Flight Attendants can produce and ratify an agreement that recognizes our contribution to the success of our Company. Over the next few days, your Negotiating Committee (NC) will be compiling a comprehensive survey for the Membership that we will use when we return to the table. Your NC will also request immediate meetings with Allegiant Air Management. We are willing to meet with them with or without the direction of the National Mediation Board.

Finally, we are aware that individual Members of our workgroup have suggested work actions (including picketing). Please understand that any coordinated work action should be legally coordinated by our Union, and any actions we undertake must be legal and unified.

Thank you for your continued support, and for producing a result that shows we can speak with one voice. We will respond to your direction with any and all legal actions available to our Union in order to achieve the contract we deserve. If you have any questions or if you want to send your suggestions for survey topics, please send an email to