TWU Conference Call, Base Rep Training, and “Working into a Day Off” Grievances

Recently, Allegiant Air Flight Attendants have filed grievances about not receiving a replacement, pay-protected day off after working into their scheduled day off because they did not submit three (3) options within seventy-two (72) hours as requested in a Q and A issued…


TWU Update & Announcement of LAS “TWU Shop Talk” Meeting

You should have received our communication regarding upcoming Officer and Executive Board Member elections from your new Election Committee. Members of the Election Committee are: Robert Payne – Chairperson Kelli Ross – Committee Member Michelle Clark – Committee Member Susan Hobbs – Alternate…


TWU Local 577 Officer Nominations and Elections

The Transport Workers Union (TWU) Local 577 Election Committee will soon accept nominations for positions to serve as officers of TWU Local 577 for the 2018-2021 term. These positions include: President (1) Vice-President (1) Secretary-Treasurer (1) Recording Secretary (1) Board Members at Large…


TWU – Answers Concerning Dues

We wanted to reach out and address some questions and concerns people have had since we began dues checkoff last month. There were several Members whose checkoff authorizations were not processed in time to be deducted directly from the March 15th paycheck. While…