How do I nominate a candidate?
To nominate a candidate, you must be a Member in good standing by filling out a Membership Application and being current on your dues. To submit a nomination, please go to and follow instructions to nominate a candidate.
How do I second a nomination?
To second a nomination, you must be a Member in good standing by filling out a Membership Application and being current on your dues. After a nomination has been certified as a Member in good standing, they can be seconded at
What are the qualifications to be a candidate for office?
To be a candidate for office, you must be a Member in good standing by filling out a Membership Application and being current on your dues and you must be nominated and have your nomination seconded by a Member in good standing.
If a qualified candidate has received a valid nomination and second, do I need to submit an additional nomination or second?
Candidates can receive as many nominations or seconds as Members make, however once a valid nomination and second have been made, there is no need for further nominations.
How will nominees be notified of their nominations?
Nominees will be emailed an accept/deny letter along with a copy of election rules of all positions they have been nominated for when nominations close and will have 10 days after nominations close to accept or deny their nominations.
Can Members accept nominations for more than one office or run for more than one office?
No. As stated in the original nomination letter, once nominations have closed those nominated will have 10 days to accept their nominations. If someone was nominated for more than one office, they shall not accept more than one nomination for a specific office. If a candidate accepts more than one office all nominations will be considered void.
How long are nominations open?
Nominations close on Monday, June 11 at 12:00 P.M., PDT.
How do I accept or decline a nomination?
All candidates will be sent accept/decline letters as well as election rules and must return their accept/or decline by the deadline. Accept/decline letters can also be found at and can be returned any time before the deadline.
What is the deadline for accepting or declining nominations?
The deadline for accepting a nomination will be Thursday, June 21 at 12:00 P.M., PDT. Any nomination that is not accepted will be considered declined.
How will elections be held?
Once all candidates have accepted nominations and the ballot is confirmed, the elections will be held by mail-in ballot. Please update your mailing address at by June 21 if you are on TDY to confirm that your ballot is sent to the correct address. Members can change their address back to their permanent address after the election.
How can candidates campaign?
All candidates will be provided a list of election rules which will include options for campaigning.
Will the Union pay for campaigning?
The Union cannot pay for or provide resources for any campaign expenses to support candidates. All campaign costs are paid by individual candidates.
Will the Union provide any physical or online resources for voters to learn about the candidates?
The Department of Labor explicitly prohibits the TWU from promoting any candidate with Union resources. As such, no website, booklets, or any other media from TWU will be used to share information about the candidates and candidates will be expected to promote themselves. It’s also worth noting that Candidates are prohibited from sharing campaign information on the TWU Local 577 Discussion Facebook group and prohibited from using photographs from union sponsored events on campaign literature (wearing a union pin in the photo is okay). If you’re not sure if it’s allowed, please contact
Rules regarding bullying:
While the Election Committee acknowledges that it cannot regulate the free speech of candidates or campaigns during the election process, we encourage candidates to run a clean campaign and be mindful that Allegiant’s work rules forbid any behavior that could be construed to be harassment or discriminatory in nature and these rules do apply to this election.
What offices are being voted on?
There are seven Officer and Board Member positions that will be on the ballot:

  • 1 President
  • 1 Vice President
  • 1 Treasurer
  • 1 Recording Secretary
  • 3 Board Members at Large
Do I have to vote for all positions?
No, you may cast a vote for up to the number of positions available, however you are not required to vote for all elected positions.
Can I vote for more than seven positions?
No, if you vote for more than one person in the Officer positions or more than 3 Board Members, your ballot will be voided.
How will winners be determined?
The winner for each Officer will be determined by whoever receives the highest number of votes for the position(s). Board Members will be determined by the 3 candidates who receive the 3 highest numbers of votes.
What if there is a tie?
Any ties will be determined by a drawing of lots from the tied candidates.
How can I trust the integrity of the election?
The election is being conducted by TrueBallot – a third-party, independent election company certified by the Department of Labor to conduct Union elections.
If I have questions about the election, who should I contact?
Please send all inquiries to