President Samuelsen and the TWU leadership team are about to wage a full-fledged strategic contract campaign in support of our Allegiant Airlines flight attendants, the likes of which Maurice Gallagher and Allegiant management have never seen. Are you ready to join us?

As many of you have heard, at the TWU’s 25th Constitutional Convention in Las Vegas, delegates from TWU locals across the country unanimously passed a resolution to “Support Allegiant flight attendants in every way to achieve a fair contract and a strong local.”

We’re wasting no time in fulfilling that resolution — and that support begins now with this contract campaign.

We’ll be launching a strategic, multi-faceted fight-back campaign which includes, among several other tactics — paid media advertising, including print and digital strategies targeting Allegiant and its overpaid executives, a “Wall Street” element which is already underway, involving education outreach to major Allegient investors regarding mistreatment of their flight crews, and political action in Washington, DC as well as relevant state capitals regarding Allegient’s safety record.

This campaign will be powerful and long term, and the TWU is committing significant financial resources into this effort. We look forward to fighting alongside you, whatever it takes.

While we still hope Allegiant comes to the table with an acceptable contract offer, we simply aren’t willing to wait any longer. This week, we’ll launch the first wave of our campaign, and then we’ll continue to ratchet up the pressure. Below, you’ll find the ad we’re running in the Las Vegas Review Journal. Once it runs on Monday, we encourage you to share it widely.

This first ad is only running in Las Vegas. Shortly, the fightback in support of our flight attendants’ contract will be in print and digital media in every market that Allegiant services.x

Stay tuned for campaign updates.