• Payroll Committee
    The committee will primarily act as a liaison between the Flight Attendants and Allegiant regarding payroll issues.
  • Hotel/Transportation Committee
    The committee will create a list of preferred hotel chains. They will track Flight Attendant hotel and transportation concerns. The goal of the committee will be to work with Crew Travel to ensure that Allegiant provides safe/clean accommodations with access to affordable food and transportation.
  • Uniform Committee
    The committee will provide input on the selection, style and comfort of uniform pieces. They will seek a balance in their recommendation between affordability and durability. They will research any possible safety issue the uniform pieces may pose.
  • Safety/Health/Security Committee
    The committee will work with a multitude of Allegiant departments from Training to Safety. The committee will also coordinate work with our 577 Fatigue and ASAP Agents.
  • Scheduling/Reserve Committee
    One member from each base will sit on this committee and work on trip pairings, scheduling, and reserve issues. They will provide feedback to Crew Services and planning. The committee will also make recommendations for software enhancements to the overall scheduling process.

Agent Positions

  • ASAP/ Fatigue Agents: Resumé Required
    Positions available immediately. The Agents will be full members of both Allegiant ASAP and Fatigue Committees. Allegiant’s ASAP Committee meets once a month and the Fatigue Committee meets twice a month, typically on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. With a rotating schedule of Agents, you can expect one or two conference call meetings per month. The committees review reports and make recommendations to Allegiant. Agents have a voice and vote in the decisions of these committees. The positions will come with training and all the work can be done online. ASAP/Fatigue Agents will also be members of the TWU 577 Safety/Health/Security committee.
  • Grievance Agent(s): Resumé Required
    Positions available immediately. Grievance Agents will be trained to primarily manage the grievance database. The Agents must have strong organizational skills and have a general understanding of the grievance process. In addition, knowledge and experience in the legal field would be a plus. The Agents are required to attend meetings in Las Vegas throughout the year. This position is open to all bases, but travel and accommodations will not be provided.

To apply for any of the above committees, please use the form below. You may apply for multiple committees, but you must submit a separate application for each committee. Resumés are required for the Agent Positions, but may be submitted with any committee application.

All applications must be received by September 11, 2018.

I am interested in serving on

You may attach a resumé for our consideration. If you are applying as a Fatigue/ASAP Agent or Grievance Agent, you MUST attach a resumé.

Application may also be submitted by email at 577committeeagent@gmail.com.