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TWU – Answers Concerning Dues

We wanted to reach out and address some questions and concerns people have had since we began dues checkoff last month. There were several Members whose checkoff authorizations were not processed in time to be deducted directly from the March 15th paycheck. While…


TWU Dues Deduction Begins on April 15

As stated on March 16, 2018, deductions for dues or service fees will begin on April 15, 2018. If you have not filled out your Membership and/or check off Authorization forms, you may still do so by printing and filling out the Membership…


Congratulations to the Members of TWU Local 577!

Voting has concluded on the 2017 Tentative Agreement between the Transport Workers Union, Local 577 and Allegiant Air, and the ballots have been counted. The voting results are as follows: Accept the TA: 740 (69.29%) Reject the TA: 328 (30.71%) Congratulations! You have…


2017 Tentative Agreement Between TWU & Allegiant Air

We are excited to send you the 2017 Tentative Agreement between the Transport Workers of America, AFL-CIO and Allegiant Air. You will be voting on this agreement to establish your historic, first contract. First contracts are always the most difficult, because they have…