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Allegiant Air FAs Request Arbitration from NMB

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 8, 2017 After six years of failed contract negotiations, the Transport Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO, representing flight attendants at Allegiant Air, has sent a letter to the National Mediation Board (NMB) requesting that the regulatory body step in…


TWU Local 577 NT Addresses Fatigue

My name is Raychel Armstrong, and I’ve been a Flight Attendant at Allegiant for over five years. In addition to serving on the TWU Local 577 Negotiating Team (NT), I am a member of the Fatigue Risk Review Committee (FRRC) and the ASAP…


TWU Local 577 Negotiations Resume – Opening Statement

On February 9, your Negotiating Team sat down with Allegiant Air Management to resume negotiations for our historic first contract. At start of negotiations. we delivered the following opening statement to management: edit


FMLA – Documentation & Responsibilities

At some point during your career, you may get sick beyond the common cold, or you may experience a medical condition that impacts your ability to work a normal schedule. You may even have a family member that requires the need of a…