I am pleased to announce the details for our informational membership meeting conference call we are holding on Tuesday, October 9th at 12:00 P.M., PDT (3:00 P.M., EDT). This is a meeting for TWU Local 577 Members and their TWU advisors only. All interested attendees must register on the website by Monday, October 8th at 9:00 A.M., PDT (12:00 P.M., EDT). Call details will be emailed to you by the end of the business day on Monday. You may also submit questions in advance on the registration page.

Please note – we must be able to screen the incoming calls to ensure only TWU Members attend. You must register using the phone number you intend to use to call in.

Below is the agenda for our informational membership call:

Agenda for call

  • Updates from the Executive Board (EB) members
  • Points of discussion
    • Financial health of our local
    • Membership in good standing
    • Office space
    • Web development
    • Grievances
    • Toxic fume flights
    • Structure of our Local
  • Questions and Answers
  • Call adjourned

I am also excited to announce the members of our committees and our ASAP/Fatigue and Grievance Agents. The Executive Board will reach out to committee and Agent members with more information.

Committee Assignments

Payroll Committee

  • Melissa Badousek
  • Leslie Brailsford
  • Adam Swindell

Hotel/Transportation Committee

  • Cheri Benard
  • Tara Cridland
  • Theresa Ledbetter
  • William Murray
  • Kimberley Shepherd
  • Vanessa Ashley Wiseman
  • Robin Yamada

Uniform Committee

  • Felicia Fahey Brown
  • Layla Basiliali
  • Christina Casas
  • Laura Conway
  • John Fradella
  • Stephanie Gadient
  • Trevor Hibbs
  • Stephanie Williams

Safety/Health/Security Committee

  • Shauna Boubon
  • Elaine Bouchard
  • Diomadis Briceno
  • Louis Dagnese
  • Gils Gilding
  • Louisa Papa

Scheduling/Reserve Committee

  • Leslie Brailsford
  • Sharon Branch
  • Diomadis Briceno
  • Michelle Budwig
  • Rey Chaparro
  • Katie Luna
  • Lynette Roberts
  • Kristin Rodriguez
  • Nancy Tsai
Agent Positions

ASAP/Fatigue Agents:

  • Raychel Armstrong
  • Sandy Barreiro
  • Audra Martin

Grievance Agents:

  • Niall Carrier
  • Heather Frey
  • Christa Gifford

Thanks, And I look forward to hearing from you on our call.

Joe Mayfield
Transport Workers Union Local 577