Recently, Allegiant Air Flight Attendants have filed grievances about not receiving a replacement, pay-protected day off after working into their scheduled day off because they did not submit three (3) options within seventy-two (72) hours as requested in a Q and A issued by the Company. Under Section 6.K of our Contract regarding “Working Into a Day Off”:

“If a Flight Attendant is required to work past 2 am into her/his day off, she/he must receive a replacement pay protected day off, as follows:

The Flight Attendant shall provide Crew Scheduling three day off options, to occur within her/his awarded schedule. If Crew Scheduling is able to grant one of the three-day off options, the Flight Attendant shall be pay protected for the higher of the dropped trip or any subsequent trip that is picked up; however, if Crew Scheduling is unable to grant one of the three day off options, Crew Scheduling shall select the day off and the Flight Attendant shall be pay protected for the dropped trip and any subsequent trip picked up on that day shall be paid in addition to that pay protected amount.”

While the 72-hour time frame was published to ensure the contract provisions are upheld in a timely manner, they cannot negate the requirement that a Flight Attendant “must receive a pay protected day off.” The grievances that were filed have been settled in the Union’s favor. Moving forward, if a Flight Attendant submits less than three day off options, Crew Scheduling will require the Flight Attendant to resubmit with a total of three day off options, as required by the CBA.

For the last three weeks, we have held “Union Shop Talks” in LAS, SFB, and IWA to discuss Union issues and Membership involvement. Thanks to all of the Members who participated, and for engaging in great discussion while sharing ideas to build our Union.  We know it is a hot and busy summer, so next week we will be holding a telephone Town Hall for all Members to discuss Union issues from the comfort of your own home or TDY. Please join the Town Hall:

Date: Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Time: 2:00 P.M., EDT (11:00 A.M., PDT)
Call-In Number: 1-302-202-1106
Conference Code: 938539

You may ask your question in advance at the TWU Local 577 website, or you may ask live on the call. We hope that you can attend.

We have also had several Members who have expressed interest in becoming Base Representatives or having a refresher course on their duties and responsibilities. We will hold a Base Rep Training teleconference held on the same day, Tuesday, June 19, 2018 at 4:00 P.M., EDT (1:00 P.M., PDT). If you are interested in becoming a Base Rep, please sign up at the website. All current Base Reps and those who have submitted interest will receive training material and call-in information prior to the call.