You should have received our communication regarding upcoming Officer and Executive Board Member elections from your new Election Committee. Members of the Election Committee are:

  • Robert Payne – Chairperson
  • Kelli Ross – Committee Member
  • Michelle Clark – Committee Member
  • Susan Hobbs – Alternate

If you did not see the message, please check your spam folder, or you can read the message on the TWU Local 577 website. Any questions about nominations and elections should be directed to the Election Committee by submitting questions in writing to

One of the most important provisions of our new contract is the ability to file grievances to ensure that our Members are protected from unjust discipline and that our contract is administered as it was negotiated by both parties. There are a few reminders that are important to assure that our grievance process is effective:

  • Try to resolve before a matter becomes a grievance – If you have a scheduling, bidding, or payroll issue, please try to resolve it with Crew Scheduling or your manager before submitting a grievance request. The grievance process can take time, so it is best to try to resolve at a lower level.
  • Time Frames are Important – Under our contract, management has 21 days from the time they could reasonably become aware of an occurrence to issue discipline. The Union has twenty-one (21) days from the time we become aware of disciplinary action or a contract violation to file a grievance. If you are issued discipline or a contract violation is not resolved, contact the Union at to begin the grievance process.
  • The more information, the better – If you submit a grievance request form, please also submit any supporting documentation to assist your grievance representative in winning your grievance.

So far our grievance process has been very successful, and following these tips can help us continue that trend for all Members. If you need to file a grievance, please use the Grievance Reporting Form we have on the website. Grievances (or additional supporting documentation for a filed grievance) can also be sent to

We have had several Members request training to be Base Representatives. We will schedule additional training sessions soon. If you would like to support your fellow Members by becoming a Base Representative, please sign up at the website.

TWU International Vice President Thom McDaniel will be holding an informal meeting for Local 577 Members called “TWU Shop Talk” on Tuesday, May 29 from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM at P.T’s Gold at 1661 E. Sunset Rd in Las Vegas. Please stop by and feel free to bring your questions, comments, and suggestions. Food & refreshments will be served, courtesy of TWU.

Watch for “TWU Shop Talk” to come to your base soon.