We are happy to announce that we have collected a sufficient number of Membership Applications and Check Off forms to begin payroll deductions, and we will begin payroll deductions of your dues on April 15. This is the first step to officially establishing our own Local Union and electing our own Officers.

We have received some questions regarding the monthly financial obligation of Allegiant Flight Attendants to TWU and would like to clarify those issues for you. If you sign a Membership Application and become a member of the Transport Workers Union (TWU), your financial obligation is satisfied simply by paying your monthly dues (currently $31.00). The easiest way to do that is by signing the Checkoff authorization card which authorizes Allegiant to deduct your monthly dues from your paycheck on the 15th of the month.

If you choose to exercise your right to not become a union member, you still have the legal obligation to pay a monthly agency fee, or “service charge,” to the union to pay for the negotiation and enforcement of our contract; however, you will not be able to attend union meetings, run for union office, or vote in any elections or in contract ratifications. For non-members who choose to object to union membership, you have a right to have your monthly fee reduced as the law and the Agency Fee Policy of TWU requires. Details about becoming a non-member and an Agency Fee Objector are explained in TWU’s Agency Fee Policy. You will also find the most recent audit of TWU’s expenses which determines what percentage of dues may be charged to objectors.

We calculate that the current monthly objector’s fee is $24.99. Consider carefully before becoming an objector, and determine for yourself whether it is worth it. For an extra $6.01 a month, you will maintain your rights to have a voice in your union by attending meetings, voting on officers, and ratifying future contracts. The majority of people TWU represents choose to keep voice in the decision making process as Union Members. We hope that will be your decision too.

If you have any additional questions, please contact International Vice President Thom McDaniel at tmcdaniel@twu.org or 832-723-5132.