As we continue to progress through our negotiations, we are pleased to announce that the Federal Mediator has scheduled us for two additional negotiating sessions. Our next meeting at the table with Allegiant Management will be on March 14th-16th in the Kansas City area. We have an additional session scheduled for April 11th-13th. We are looking forward to receiving a response from Management regarding the comprehensive proposal we presented at our last meeting.

We have been apprised of the recent written and verbal communications from Allegiant Management regarding the number of changes in our new proposal, in addition to the cost increases to the company they are claiming. As stated in our opening statement prior to the resumption of negotiations, our comprehensive proposal was based on industry and company standards, and we developed this proposal based on our workgroups’ responses to our comprehensive Negotiations Survey. While there were many changes, most were based on current industry practices, and the cost of the proposal is well within Flight Attendant costs in our industry and the cost structure of Allegiant.

As Allegiant has demonstrated in the past, Management will try to deal directly with our Members. Please be assured that your elected Negotiating Team is working on your behalf. While we may eventually need our Members to take part in coordinated activities to send strategic messages to Management, we will do our best to negotiate at the table. Don’t be surprised if Management tries to influence you to accept less than you deserve, and remember one simple phrase: “My Team Speaks for Me!” This will give us the unity and strength to be successful. Thank you for your support and for standing behind your TEAM!