David Rodriguez

Last month, we welcomed two new classes to the TWU family. On January 10th, we introduced TWU Local 577 to class number 17-01 and on January 31st, we spoke to class 17-02. The addition of these classes adds 65 new members to our ranks. During the class visit, we went over the basics of who TWU is, what the Union does for its membership, and why the TWU is the Union for Allegiant Flight Attendants. Nearly all of the attendees volunteered their contact information so they can receive newsletters and other Union information, in addition to being registered to vote on any Union business. We also instructed our newest Flight Attendants how to request Union items, such as lanyards and pins; change their contact information; and request a base representative, if needed.

We are currently allotted thirty minutes to make our presentation to each new hire class. Our primary goals for our initial meeting include providing basic Union education for our new members; helping them feel comfortable with Union resources; and ensuring they know that TWU Local 577 is here for all of our members. We hold a “Q & A” session to answer any questions they have, and we give everyone a Union pin along with an information card with contact info for TWU.

We have also confirmed our attendance for the next two Allegiant Flight Attendant classes. Class 17-03 has 50 trainees scheduled for April, and class 17-04 has 24 trainees scheduled for May. This is an exciting time as our Company grows and we develop new members for our unified work group.

The following members from class 17-01 graduated on February 3rd. Please take a moment to welcome them if you see them in your base.

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