On February 9, your Negotiating Team sat down with Allegiant Air Management to resume negotiations for our historic first contract. At start of negotiations. we delivered the following opening statement to management:

On behalf of the over 1,000 hardworking Flight Attendants represented by the Transport Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO, we are glad to be back at the table to resume negotiations on our historic first Flight Attendant Contract at Allegiant Air. We are safety, security, and customer service professionals. Our Flight Attendants recognize the role we play serving as the face of our Company, and we have demonstrated by our rejection of our previous Tentative Agreement that we will accept no less than we deserve.

When we chose to form our own Union with TWU over six years ago, we did so with one goal in mind – to provide a voice in our workplace to negotiate Company and industry-standard work rules, benefits, and compensation that we deserve as safety and security professionals. Simply put, we provide a quality flight experience for our customers that justify the fares that they pay. As such, we deserve work rules, quality of life, and compensation that reflect the services we provide that contribute directly to the incredible financial success and growth of Allegiant Air.

Since the rejection of the last Tentative Agreement, we have used our time talking to and surveying our Members to identify and update their needs and priorities as our Company and our work group has changed. As we reconvene these negotiations, it is important for Management to know that we receive our marching orders from our Flight Attendant Members, and we will be negotiating for them. We look forward to having meaningful discussions about our quality of life, flexibility, productivity, pay and benefits, and finding “win-win” solutions that will benefit both our Members and our Company, who needs dedicated and happy employees.

Our Members understand that “justice delayed is justice denied” and will not tolerate any unnecessary postponements. When we requested assistance from the National Mediation Board (NMB) as the next step under the Railway Labor Act, it was in an effort to move our negotiations forward, not as an excuse to delay them. It is not enough to say we are committed to the Mediation process if you are not willing to follow through with action. Our Union Negotiating Team is committed to meeting any day, any time, for as long as it takes to reach an agreement with or without our Federal Mediator and keeping the NMB informed of any progress.

We recognize that Allegiant Air represents a different business model than traditional airlines; however, the Flight Attendant profession is primarily the same. We understand the need to work within the business model of Allegiant Air; however, we will also be seeking Company and industry-standard work rules, flexibility, productivity, benefits, and compensation that all professional Flight Attendants deserve – no more and no less.

Today, and each day moving forward, our goal is to restore a foundation and build a healthy and trustworthy relationship that will lead to an agreement that provides our Members the quality of life they deserve while allowing the Company the flexibility and productivity they need to provide the affordable and safe air travel that our customers deserve. Through these continued negotiations, we hope to build a culture of collaboration that results in a successful agreement. We will negotiate expeditiously, reasonably and respectfully, and we ask that Allegiant Air to do the same.

We have prepared a full-text proposal for you today which we will now present.

On behalf of all our Members we are ready to get to work.

(L to R) David Rodriguez. Marilou Resendes, Raychel Armstrong, & Christa Gifford
Todd Semingson was unable to attend.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to releasing future updates as negotiations progress. If you have any questions, please contact us at local577@twu.org.