One of our most frequently misunderstood work rules concerns flying and compensation on our scheduled days off. Work Rule 2.G (found on page 10 of your manual) covers this. We have broken the rule down to try and help alleviate confusion.


Flight Attendants who work due to…

Operational needs

At the request of the company

And/or required by the company (junior assignment)

…on their previously scheduled days off” (i.e. arriving after 0200 domicile time on a scheduled day off, overnighting and flying next day on scheduled day off, and picking up Mission Mode) “will be compensated as follows:

  1. Flight Attendants who have not been credited up to the minimum guarantee are compensated at their hourly rate which will be added to the minimum guarantee.
  2. Flight Attendants who have been credited above their seventy-five (75) guarantee will be compensated for the trip at their BFH rate.
  3. Flight Attendants may request to be compensated for like days off in lieu of pay credit with Company approval.”

Although it is frequently assumed that one will automatically be credited with pay credit, unless requesting like days off, that is not accurate. Management has confirmed that to receive any pay benefit or comp day, you MUST contact Crew Services and request either your appropriate pay or a comp day for working on a previously scheduled day off.

In addition, if two separate rules apply at the same time to your flying, then both rules would apply. For example, if you fly above 97 hours for the month AND you fly on a scheduled day off at the request of or required by the Company, each rule would pay at the 30% premium, thus making your pay for that flying at 160%.


  1. If you have not met your minimum guarantee and you fly into (past 0200 domicile time) or on your previously scheduled days off, you would be paid the hours at your hourly rate above your minimum guarantee.
  2. If you are over the minimum guarantee of (75) hours, but below 97 hours for the month, then you would be paid at your BFH rate for flying on your previously scheduled day off.
  3. If you fly into or on your previously scheduled day off AND you end up flying above 97 hours for the month, then you would be paid the BFH for flying above 97 hours and Addt’l BFH for flying on your day off. You would receive your Crew Pay (100% of your pay rate) plus you would be compensated 30% for flying above 97 hours AND you would receive 30% credit for flying on your day off, for a total of 160% (this would be broken down into BFH and Addt’l BFH categories on your pay stub).
  4. If you pick up a Mission Mode on your scheduled day off, the greater of the actual or the Mission Mode would be paid. The same rules from above would apply. If you were under 97 hours for the month, then the rate of pay would be at the BFH rate. If you were over 97 hours for the month, then both premiums would provide you with 160% of your base rate of pay.

Lastly, the Company gives you the option to request a comp day in lieu of pay credit. Buyers beware! That comp day is NOT paid. Keep in mind; you still have the ability to drop a day if there is sufficient reserve coverage. Therefore, unless you need a specific day off, a comp day may provide no benefit under our current work practices.

The moral of the story is: if you EVER work into or on your day off at the request or requirement of the Company, always contact Crew Services to receive your entitled benefit. If you have any questions about this work rule, please reach out to us at

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