Many people are unfamiliar with how Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) is run and how it effectively plays a role in shaping the procedures and safety at Allegiant. As members of the ASAP committee, we would like to take you through the process of what happens when a Flight Attendant files an ASAP report.

First, the ASAP report is received by the Safety Department. After de-identifying the report, the Safety Department sends the report to the ASAP Event Review Committee (ERC) for review and a meeting is scheduled. The ASAP ERC consists of three members/representatives: a TWU representative, a company representative, and an FAA representative. You can find out who the members of the ERC are on G4Connect. At the ASAP meeting, each report is discussed, and each representative shares their thoughts regarding the events documented in the report. The ERC decides whether to accept or reject the report and discusses what the possible action might be. A majority of reports are accepted unless there is some sort of extenuating circumstance. Once accepted, the report is either closed immediately, or it is closed with an informal counseling to the Flight Attendant involved. Informal counsel is always done by one of your peers, the TWU representative.

The ASAP program was designed to create a healthier safety culture that allows team members to self-disclose when they believe/know a company procedure or FAR was unintentionally broken. It is important for Flight Attendants to understand that the ASAP program is for the benefit of our work group. Before ASAP, the flight attendant would be disciplined at the company’s discretion if a policy violation took place. Now, your TWU representative has a fair voice in the decision making process when we represent the Flight Attendant in the meeting. This is just one of the important changes that has been made with the ASAP program. The ERC has also used different situations that have come up in an ASAP report to make changes to our current policies and procedures. Your union representatives are very excited about the ASAP program and look forward to watching this program grow and evolve.